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eat: Burger Culture


  • Burger Culture6290 N Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL 33614
  • Cuisine- Burgers, American
  • Price Range- $$

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far, I know I am because I just discovered a new place that was INCREDIBLE! To be honest, I didn’t discover it, my bae did- he’s my food scout 🙂 I’m off of work today and I called him and asked if he wanted to meet for a lunch date and he said “I know just the place! Are you in the mood for burgers?” What a silly question! The answer is ALWAYS YES! I then asked “is it blog worthy??” and he said “yes, bring your camera!” Those words were enough motivation for me to get dressed, do my hair, put my face on, (#iwokeuplikethis) grab my camera, and be in the car in about 15 minutes – that’s really fast for me!

He told me to meet him at a food truck in Tampa called “Burger Culture“,  we got there and I was very impressed with the menu, it had a big variety of burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and more too choose from- and very creative sandwiches too!



Once I saw that they had something called a “Waffle Burger” that was it- I knew what I was getting! It’s a burger between a Belgian waffle with goat cheese, blueberry compote, and honey drizzle- they had me at Belgian Waffle #brugeswithdrawals

Waffle Burger

YOU GUYS!!!! THIS BURGER WAS ON POINT! I’m going to post pictures of me devouring this thing so you can eat it vicariously through me (you’re welcome 🙂



Hard at work for you guys!


Did you enjoy that food journey we just took? I know I did! This burger is unlike any other I have ever had- it was like eating a scrumptious breakfast – the goat cheese and blueberry compote were a perfect medley! The honey drizzle was the icing on the cake. Not only that, the burger itself was cooked just right- very juicy, tasty, and delectable! I would rate this burger 5 stars, hands down. I also opted to get the sweet potato fries instead of regular because I love me some sweet potato fries! Those were great too but I was just so entranced with this waffley piece of art food. And yes, “waffley” is now officially a word 🙂

Cajun Burger

My lovechunk decided to go with the “Cajun Burger” because he likes the spicier things in life. The Cajun burger has a Cajun patty, smoked gouda, sautéed mushrooms and chipotle.


He said this is the one he always gets when he comes so of course he loved it. I tried it but it was a bit too spicy for me- I’m a wimp when it comes to heat! But heat lovers would love this I’m sure! Chris said he “thought the burger was cooked to perfection and the toppings didn’t overshadow the burger itself- they went together just right” – clearly he could have his own food blog too 🙂 #chriseatstampa

“Burger Culture” has been around for about 5 years and in this location for 3 years. They said they just opened a second location in SoHo. They are also available on UberEats! I also really like that even though it’s a food truck they have an area for covered seating with fans- as you Floridians know summertime is very hot and the last thing I want to do is eat outside in the heat- but they made it very comfortable!


They also has a selection of grilled cheese sandwiches which I will need to try next time we come back- which I’m sure will be soon because I already have my Mom and several friends asking me to take them here- fine with me! I also like that they offer turkey burgers as well as black bean and protobello mushroom as your patty.


Bae Approved 🙂



Bottom Line: If you’re in the mood for a GREAT burger- look no further- check out Burger Culture and bring your appetite!




What are your favorite burger toppings?? Have you ever had a waffle burger?? Sweet potato or regular fries?