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Tiff’s Bruges Must Eats!

Imagine an enchanting place with chocolate & waffle shops on every street corner- with serene canals running through and bells echoing in the background. Well I have wonderful news- this place exists! It’s called Bruges and it’s truly magical.

In my last post travel: Bruges,  there were many things we loved to do but eating was, of course, one of our favorite past times in Bruges (and every other place for that matter). Below is a list of some of my favorite foods from our adventure, enjoy!

1. Frites


I know what you’re thinking…”fries?? really?” but let me tell you what- frites (fries) are a BIG deal in Belgium- they are no joke! And we can taste why…they are delicious! I want to say while we were there for only 2 days we must have eaten at least 3 different orders of frites and they were all so tasty! They are traditionally served with mayo but everywhere you go offers a variety of sauces- but me, I’m a ketchup & mayo kinda girl. They serve them with the tiniest fork I’ve ever seen in my entire life, I felt like a fancy giant  (pinky up) attempting to eat my frites with a little baby fork- but let me just say, as a professional eater, bare hands work much better for dipping. #Tiff’sTips

2. Waffles


No words needed, I’m just going to leave that there….

Just kidding 🙂 (butseriously)

You have to get a Belgium waffle when in Belgium! But let me tell you that some waffles are just more exceptional than others. Remember how I said that the guy whose apartment we were renting owned a waffle shop and we were staying above it? Well this waffle is from his shop, Oyya Ice Bar, and let me tell you this was by far, the best waffle we’ve ever had, period, end of story, case closed, that’s all folks! We did try another waffle during our stay from a different place and it just wasn’t anything to write (or blog) home about. But this waffle- this waffle was crispy, flavorful, and scrumptious! We also added gelato and whipped cream to it- a winning combination!

3. Chocolate


2 words…Belgium Chocolate. First of all, like I said, there is chocolate EVERYWHERE! I’m not even exaggerating! I’m sure if they could figure out a way to make chocolate flow through the canals they would because it is all over the place and I absolutely love it!

So does Chris!

One of the first things we did was go into several different shops and treat ourselves to some of Belgium’s finest chocolates. All of them were so creamy, rich, and smooth. Simply perfection. You can really taste a difference in quality from back home. We stocked up and brought enough chocolate to last us a few months- but it only lasted a week or so- oops!

We went into a shop and they even had tools that were made out of chocolate!

All chocolate

 Here is a testament to the deliciousness..we brought some home for my parents to try and my Dad (who is VERY picky by the way) and Mom said “Tiffy, this is the best chocolate I’ve had in my LIFE!” My Mom even said she didn’t want to share the rest of it with my Dad but she felt bad and shared it anyway. #truelove

4. Flemish Stew


Did you think I was going to go to Belgium and just pig out on fries, waffles, and chocolate all day long? Well, you were right but I also enjoyed some traditional Flemish cuisine. (fun fact: Bruges is located in the West Flanders region of Belgium so they are Flemish).

We asked what a traditional/local dish was and we were recommended the “Flemish Stew”. When it arrived we looked at it and were surprised there weren’t any veggies in the stew- but let me tell you that this little pot of stew stood on it’s own and didn’t need to be showed up by any carrots or potatoes! This had a taste unlike any other stew I’ve ever had. It’s made with a rich dark Belgian beer but it has a sweetness to it from the brown sugar that balances so well with the onions and ale. This dish definitely had depth and I was all about it! Those fries were pretty lovely as well. I even went a little crazy and dipped a frite (when in Bruges) into the stew and suddenly “A Whole New World” from Aladdin started playing in my head because it was such an explosion of flavors and crispiness! Superb!

Bottom Line: Go to Bruges and eat until your pants get too tight! It’s worth it, I promise! 🙂




What are your favorite foods to eat in Belgium? Do you dip your fries into any foods? What sauces do you like with your frites? I’d love to know!



Bruges · food · travel

travel: Bruges



I’m back baby!

YOU GUYS, I missed you! Did you miss me too?? (you know you did!)

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post, my lovechunk and I recently got back from our 2 week euro-trip. We had the BEST time ever! I’m so excited to share our adventures with you! We went to Bruges, Amsterdam, Paris, and my beloved London. I’m going to write separate blogs for each place and my favorite food spots so buckle up and let the fun begin!

Tiff’s Bruges To-Do List

1. Explore the City

The first stop on our adventure was Bruges. If you are not familiar, Bruges is a medieval city in Belgium, dating all the way back to the 9th century.  Let me start out by saying, Bruges is pretty magical. Seriously. When we first arrived we were trying to find the apartment we rented so we were dragging our suitcases through the cobblestone streets but we kept stopping in the middle of the road with our mouths wide open, looking around and going “woooooowwwwww”! (such tourists)

Everywhere you look is incredible.

so adorable!

We had the best time just wandering around and exploring the city. There is history everywhere you turn.



Basilica of the Holy Blood

What I love about Bruges is that it’s small. It’s not a big city like London (sigh) or New York, you can walk everywhere! The first day we just wandered around aimlessly- no maps or anything. Now let me just say that is a big deal for me because something you may, or may not, know is that i’m a planner- I need to know where i’m going (and eating) at all times, no surprises for this girl- but I said “forget Google Maps, let’s just see walk around and get lost!”

We stumbled upon hidden alley ways, breathtaking canals, and chocolate stores- EVERYWHERE! I have never seen so many chocolate shops in my life!



trying to decide how many pounds of chocolate to get
Those canals tho!!!

There is beauty everywhere! We wandered around for about 4 hours just taking in all of the sights, smells, and sounds until Bae pooped out on me and wanted to go to bed around 8 pm. In his defense, we were awake for almost 24 hours at this point but I was so excited I couldn’t sleep!


2. Take a Canal Boat Ride


Ever since arriving in Bruges I couldn’t wait to take a canal boat ride, it was at the top of  my “to do” list (told you I’m a planner) but it wasn’t looking like princess was going to get her boat ride. The weather was playing games with my heart- it was raining most of the day, then the sun would shine for a few minutes and I’d get all giddy but by the time we got to the canal boats it would rain again. It was an emotional roller coaster!

I was starting to give up hope (as in walking back to the apartment at around 7pm all sad and grumpy, fighting back my tears and sniffles kind of thing) BUT ALAS- the sun came out! And not only did the sun come out- it stayed out long enough for princess to get her canal boat ride! “Was it worth it??” you may ask…the answer is YASSSS!!!


View from boat ride

3. Rent an Apartment Above a Waffle Shop


We rented from for the first time, I was a bit nervous as this was all new to us- but I’m so glad we did as it made our time in Bruges even more special. It turns out that the guy who rented us the apartment owns a waffle shop and it’s right underneath the apartment. I’m not even kidding- this is a foodie’s dream come true!

Apartment we stayed in on 2nd floor

This place was so perfect it was in the heart of town, had it’s own private elevator, and the best part of all? It had a charming little patio off of the bedroom and whenever we stepped outside it smelled like freshly made waffles- pure heaven! We didn’t want to leave!


4. Go to a Chocolate Museum


When in Belgium, right?? We went to a place called Choco-Story, The Chocolate Museum which was definitely worth checking out- I mean it’s a museum dedicated to chocolate- what’s not to love?? I’m not gonna lie, museums usually bore me for the most part ( #judgementfreezone)  but a chocolate museum is something I can get excited about!


This was probably as close to being at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory as I’ll ever come. They even had a demonstration of a guy making chocolate- and he gave us all samples when he was finished. That’s my kind of hospitality!!!

5. Take a Brewery Tour/Drink Beer

We decided to take a brewery tour and enjoy some of Belgium’s finest ales at De Halve Maan Brewery.  This was my first ever brewery tour and it was great!! Seeing how everything is made from start to finish was pretty fascinating, we got to climb up and down steep steps and even go on top of the roof- which was a wonderful view of Bruges!


The best part of any brewery tour? The samples! Cheers 🙂


7. Eat and then Eat some more!

I want to say Belgium is most known for their beer and their chocolate- which are both fabulous by the way! But that is not all that they have to offer- check out my post Tiffany Eats Bruges where I list my favorite foods and must eats! 🙂

Bottom Line: We really had an incredible stay in magical Bruges- we only stayed for 2 days but we definitely could have stayed longer. It’s beautiful, full of history, and the people were so nice, like beyond nice. They went out of their way to be helpful and friendly. For example, when we arrived at the train station a man on a bike came over to us because he could tell we were going in the wrong direction with our suitcases and he escorted us to right side and found us maps- he didn’t even work there he was just a normal guy- that was a great start to our 2 day affair. We will definitely return to this chocolately paradise and would recommend you check out this little gem as well 🙂



What are you favorite things to do in Bruges? Do you love chocolate? How many pounds would you buy? Leave me a comment, i’d love to know!